November - 19 - 2013

The MiG 19 was designed and manufactured by the Soviet Mikoyan- Gurevich and you should know that this fighter aircraft was the first capable of supersonic speeds in the Soviet combat aircraft line and it was also considered to be the best balanced fighter in its production line, combining great weapon systems and maneuverability.

October - 29 - 2013

The first things you need to know about the Boeing 737 are that this airplane model was built as an improved successor of the 707 and 727 models, it is a mid-size that features a narrow body and twin-engine power and it is the only one featuring a narrow body shape in the Boeing airplane production.

July - 1 - 2013

Unlike the MiG 17 and the MiG 19 – that exist in the real world-, the MiG 28 is a fictional aircraft that you will find only on your TV or in certain online games, but even if this aircraft doesn’t actually exist, this thing doesn’t mean that this prototype will not show up in the real world, one day.

May - 4 - 2013

If you search for various specifications about the Boeing 767, then you should find out that this airliner can carry up to 375 passengers on its provided seats, features a mid-size and wide-body shape airplane that it is used to providing flights on medium to long intercontinental routes and it has been produced in three versions.

April - 9 - 2013

Unlike the previous models that are mid-size airplanes and that can carry from 210 to 290 passengers, the prototype of Boeing 797 is designed to carry approximately 1000 passengers which makes it a mammoth airplane that will definitely bring a revolutionary change in what people have been used to in the air transportation.

February - 8 - 2013

This fighter aircraft MiG 17 was built more like a response to the need Soviets had for high-speed and performance and also ease of maneuverability in a combat aircraft; you should also find out that this fighter has been used by over fifty countries over the time and it still is in the service of various countries of the world, today.

March - 1 - 2012

Yakoviev Design Bureau is the creator of the Yak54 aerobatic aircraft fitted with two seats and is nowadays produced by Progress Aviation Co. The craft has won European aerobatic events and World aerobatic events as well. The manufacturer reveals that his creation’s purpose, the Yak54, was originally designed to train, to teach, to be flown by trainee pilots in looking to master the art of aerobatics, thus why the handling of the aircraft is forgiving to such an extent. Its  [ Read More ]

February - 28 - 2012

Have you ever wondered what would mean taking up a MiG 35? If yes, here is what you should take into consideration when dealing with such a sensitive problem. What is known about this plane is that it looks very similar to his brother, MiG 29 whose building started after the making of F-16 and F-18. It is a NATO airplane, the next on the line of the ones mentioned above. Though, what MiG 35 has and others don’t is  [ Read More ]

February - 23 - 2012

Although at first it was believed that pilots would have a hard time maneuvering such a large aircraft, this rather popular belief soon dissipated. Becoming a captain on a Boeing 747 soon took the ‘pole-position’ as every airline pilot’s dream. The classic version of the plane was quite adaptable to airline needs, thus making Boeing create new models as per the specific requirements for convertibles (passenger/freighter combinations), carriers, long range or high density aircraft’s. More than 1,200 Boeing 747 type  [ Read More ]

February - 22 - 2012

Despite the fact that the Grumman Wildcat had a valiant success against the Japanese Zero, it was soon overcome by the outstanding performance of Grumman F6F Hellcat, aircraft that could be held responsible for four thousand, four hundred and ninety-seven of the six thousand, four hundred and seventy-seven shoot-downs achieved by the American pilots during World War Two. Units in service with the Marines and Fleet Air Arm annihilated another one thousand and fifty-three enemy planes. It had an overall  [ Read More ]

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