Airbus A330-200

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Airbus A330-200 has a shorter-fuselage than its sisters in Airbus’ double engine wide-body family, being versatile in covering all ranges from short-haul to truly long-haul distances, having an ideal sizing for operations from point to point. It has an optimized two hundred and twenty-two inch fuselage cross-section, shared by two of Airbus’ other models, A330 and A340, which has a capacity of 253 passengers in two sections providing more window and aisle seats in cabins that are much more quiet.

As a jetliner of modern times, Airbus A330-200 features the latest entertainment available, ranging from video on demand and mobile telephone to e-mail access via satellite. Given its fuselage, the Airbus A330-220 has large capacity cargo holds which are capable of accommodating standard containers and 96-inch pallets. This model is the preferred one amongst leisure operators and charters, also making a name for itself in the long-haul, low cost market segment.

The perpetual investment of the company in the Airbus A330-200 benefits the model greatly through improving the operations and lowering the costs. Research put into the aircraft led to upgrading the system and included improvements on various grounds and aspects ranging from the implementation of advanced automatic aids that help with navigation and flight instruments of the latest generation to engine upgrades.

Passengers have not been forsaken by the company, as their cabins have been improved with different upgrades such as state-of-the-art LED lighting, new interior styling and smoother contours with softer lines. Together, they provide a more comfortable, spacious and enjoyable interior. Airbus A330-200 has a higher capability of two hundred and thirty-eight tones at take-off, without increasing the aircraft’s empty weight, providing it with an endurance of seven thousand two hundred and fifty nautical miles or an outstanding additional three and a half tones of payload.

In regard to long distance operations, Airbus A330-200 can be equipped with amazingly innovative crew resting areas. In order rapidly and easily regain access to the cockpit, pilots are fitted with a resting area with one or two bunks located right next to their “working site”. Mobile rest areas can be installed in the cargo holds, in the lower decks. Access can be gained from the main cabin, effectively eliminating any impact on Airbus’ passenger seating. The 96×125 inch pallet cabin crew facility can accommodate up to seven bunks and can be removed in approximately fifty minutes for shorter flight operations.

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