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The largest and heaviest passenger plane is an Airbus A380. The plane has two floors dedicated to passengers, which stretches trough the entire length of the fuselage. Divided into three classes, starting with the A380 has 555 seats and can go over 800 seats for charters.

The plane is equipped with an advanced fuel use system. Because its wings bend after take-off, the fuel is kept at high pressure in other tanks of the aircraft. As the plane reaches the position of flight, fuel is pumped back into the wings tanks gradually, controlling in this way the aircraft center of gravity.

A380 is made of 22% composite fuselage is made out of a material called (Glare) which consists of alternating layers of aluminum and fiberglass, which reduces weight and creates a clot structure of the plane.

You may fly on board such an aircraft on the routes operated by: Emirates, Air France, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Korean Air and Virgin Atlantic. China Southern Airlines still has such a plane in the production line.

Airbus will have to change all Rolls-Royce engines in the A-380, after an incident in full flight happened on 4 November which forced an airplane of the Australian Qantas company to execute an emergency landing in Singapore.

“We discussed with Airbus and Rolls Royce engines and understand that the number (to be replaced) is around 40,” said Qantas delegate advisor, Alan Joyce.

According to Alan Joyce, the company already is negotiating with Airbus replacing six engines of its A-380 equipment with new models that the European consortium factory will provide.

And other affected companies such as Lufthansa or Singapore Airlines, have decided to suspend flights. The European Union asked Airbus three months before this incident to attend a engine overhaul on the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 which was mounted on many Airbus A-380 airplanes.

The A-380 model, the largest passenger plane in the world, is considered the most advanced technologically. Has only three years of commercial life and the Singapore incident was the first emergency suffered in full flight. Fortunately not all airplanes are equipped with Trent 900 engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce, some are of the GP 7200, the consortium comprised of Pratt & Wittney manufacturers, General Electric and Safran, El Pais added.


Pilots 2
Passengers 525 (if 3 classes)
644 (if 2 classes)
853 (if 1 class)
Length 73 m
Wingspan 79.8 m
Height 24.1 m
Fuselage width 7.14 m
Cabin width (lower floor) 6.60 m
Cabin width (upper floor) 5.94 m
Wing Area 845 m²
Curb Weight (empty) 276,800 kg
Maximum permissible take-off mass (MTOW) 560,000 kg
Maximum load 90,800 kg
Cruise Speed Mach 0.85
Maximum speed Mach 0.89
Take-off distance at MTOW 2750 m (9020 ft)
Range 15,200 km (8,200 nautical miles)
Maximum altitude (service ceiling) 13,115 m (43,000 ft)
Fuel capacity 310,000 L
Engines (4 x) GP7270
Trent 970

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