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Although at first it was believed that pilots would have a hard time maneuvering such a large aircraft, this rather popular belief soon dissipated. Becoming a captain on a Boeing 747 soon took the ‘pole-position’ as every airline pilot’s dream. The classic version of the plane was quite adaptable to airline needs, thus making Boeing create new models as per the specific requirements for convertibles (passenger/freighter combinations), carriers, long range or high density aircraft’s. More than 1,200 Boeing 747 type planes have been created ever since the creation of the first one and its production’s deadline isn’t due for many years to come.

It was also valuable to the military, fulfilling the role of “Air Force One”, the National Emergency Airborne Command Post. Moreover, it had a main function in the creation of the anti-ballistic missile laser system, serving as a platform. The rather basic model has allowed its creators to reform it so as to improve the craft and enlarge it, on the current Boeing 747 (model “400”) a total number of 524 passengers being able to embark and takes flights over distances as long as 8,400 miles. Equipped with a two-pilot digital flight deck and engines that consumes fuel fairly efficient, this type of Boeing 747 has the minimal operating cost per seat mile amongst the other commercial jetliners.

However, the costs of such an aircraft is exponentially larger than the costs of a classic Boeing 747. The company started creating eighteen million dollars crafts and currently pays over two hundred million dollars for the expenses of creating just one unit. In order for the company’s stockholders to profit from the creation of an immense craft of enormous costs, the plane must be able to fly sometimes more than sixteen hours a day, requirement the Boeing 747-400 is perfectly capable of. It is amazing that the technology used in jet engines is so revolutionary that corrosion is poses a bigger threat that the engine wearing out.

Although they remained unchallenged (market-wise) for a long period of time, the Boeing and its 747 are nowadays recording increased competition from Europe Airbus Industries which plans on designing a 1000 seat aircraft. As terrifying as the sound of another company possessing such a large craft might be for Boeing, they are prepared to create an equally large or an even larger aircraft in response to Europe Airbus Industries’ wishful thinking.

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