Boeing 767

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Nowadays, people seem to prefer air travel to other types of transportation and this thing is mostly due to the fact that a good passenger jet is the best way to reach your destination safe and secure and sooner than by other means of transportation. If you like to travel by plane regardless of your destination, you probably know by now that no other means of transport can be compared to the air transportation and the high-quality services provided by an airliner’s crew. So, it seems that the demand for air transportation has increased more than ever these days. It is no wonder that this huge demand people have for transportation through the air is now exploited by various top manufacturers that want to attract customers with their fuel-efficient and high performance airliners.

Among other brands that aim to design large capacity airliners, we should definitely mention the Boeing Commercial Airlines. You should know that this company is one that has been producing airliners to put in the service of people for decades now. If you want to take a look at one representative airliner this company has designed, you should search the web for the Boeing 767.

This airplane is produced in the United States and it is currently being used for commercial service. You should know it makes the previous model of Boeing 777 that has come with an even higher capacity in the passenger seats. The Boeing 767 can carry up to 375 passengers on its provided seats. It features a mid-size and wide-body shape airplane that it is used to providing flights on medium to long intercontinental routes. This planed is also twin-engined and it was produced in three versions. You should know that each version comes with various improvements in the wing structure, cargo handling system, weight, flight-deck and cabin features. The high performance capacity of this airliner is notable in the second version which is the Boeing 767-300 and which is now used for transporting passengers in transcontinental routes. Moreover, you should know that the 767-300 makes the most popular version of this Boeing airliner line.

Another thing you need to find out is that some versions of the 767 are used for military applications and even for transporting certain VIP people by air routes. Nonetheless, all the versions of the 767 were tested prior to entering the flying service and you should know that there were only a few cases of incidents and accidents in which these airplanes were involved so far.

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