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Boeing 777 is the largest twin-engine airplane in the world, with a capacity of 300 to 370 seats, being the first aircraft to ever be fully designed using three dimensional computer graphics. It spans the gap between its sister models, the 747 and 767. The new model started service with United Airlines back in 1995 with an innovating new cabin design, new fuselage section and never before seen wing models.

The new model, Boeing 777, was initially conceived as a stretched version of the 767 with different wings, but it became the aircraft which first used Boeing’s new fly-by-wire technology in addition to the new flight deck featuring six liquid crystal displays in large format, effectively fulfilling the role of an all-new design. The Boeing 777 is powered with the highest quality turbofans, the most powerful that ever entered service, the one present on the 300 model of the Boeing 777, the General Electric GE90-115B, producing a record of 115,000lb of thrust at take-off. These powerful engines are all supplied by three different manufacturers. The model won 154 orders in 1995, being the first plane ever to win as many awards in a single year. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certified it to fly on twin-engine extended-range operations when it first entered service, being approved to be flown in 180-minute ETOPS services.

It was launched in October 1990 with the United Airlines ordering 34 aircraft’s. Since its creation, four models have been created: the Boeing 777-300 stretched version, the Boeing 777-200LR – meant for larger ranges and the 300ER, the freighter version of the aircraft. The 777 was the first Boeing potential customer airlines could mention their opinions in the plane’s design, thus making the creator company agree to implement global positioning systems as standard, rather than optional. The fuel can be found within the wings which have extended wing tips for the 200LR and 300ER in order to improve the take-off length and the climbing performance. Another innovation first presented on the 777 model, the 300 type, was a system based on a camera which allowed the pilot to maneuver the 74 meter long aircraft with more less difficulty around airport taxiways. There have been a total of 43 airlines from various countries that placed 849 orders for all versions of the Boeing-777. With its order for another 42 aircraft’s, Emirates became the largest customer of the 777, having a fleet of a total 93 Boeing-777s.

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