Boeing 797

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It is a known fact that the demand for air transportation is huge these days. You surely know that it is more convenient to travel by plane due to the high speed a passenger jet uses, and also due to the fact that it will take you less time to reach your destination using this transportation compared to other types of transport. Among other manufacturers that are interested in responding to the huge demand for air transportation, the Boeing Company seems to occupy a leading position. This company is committed to offer higher performance and fuel-efficient airplanes to its customers.

This manufacturer understands the needs people have to travel comfortably and to reach their destinations in no time, which is why it has come up with new and improved features in the two-engine jet airliners that have been newly launched lately. If you look around on the Internet for more information about this manufacturer’s airplanes, then you might like to read some specifications regarding the Boeing 787, which is a representative airliner for this brand. On the other hand, if you seek to find out more about the future plans the manufacturer has with its airplanes, then you should find out that the Boeing 797 is soon to come for airline travelers.

The first thing you should know about the soon-to-come Boeing airplane is that, unlike the previous models that are mid-size airplanes and that can carry from 210 to 290 passengers, this new airliner will look like a mammoth airplane that can carry approximately 1000 passengers. The Boeing Company wants to bring a revolutionary change in the airplanes people have been accustomed to fly with, and this new passenger jet prototype seems to be the standing proof for what the company aims in its airliners. This new plane from Boeing is designed to even surpass the wing span of 262 feet wide that the Airbus A380 features. You should know that the Boeing 797 will feature a 265 feet wing span. The Airbus A380 is another airliner with huge body that can carry about 555 passengers during flight. However, it seems it will be left far behind by the new airliner model from Boeing.

Another thing you should know regarding this top airliner manufacturer is that it uses eco-friendly fabrics like composite materials, in order to construct the airframe of its airliners. Thus, the new Boeing 797 is likely to feature the same environmental friendly materials along with getting innovative features both for its interiors and exteriors.

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