Cirrus the parashute plane

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The Cirrus Design Company is the designer and manufacturer of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft and best-selling SR22 model. The Alan and Dale Klapmeier brothers founded Cirrus Design Corporation in 1984, wanting to become a market leader in general aviation industry by revitalizing the creation of excellent quality aircraft, with advanced technology, of all levels.

As experienced pilots themselves, the Klapmeier brothers understood that we need to find new technologies to develop safety in airplane design industry. They agreed not to go on conventional ways, and they have always tried to build a better and safer plane. Today, the only FAA approved manufacturer to equip aircrafts with ballistic parachute systems, CAPS, which in 2002 made history with the first landing of a private pilot with this system. Cirrus’s headquarters is situated in Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

Cirrus began to design and production activity in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Although it was not the first aircraft created FAA approvals, was an inspiration for subsequent models. In 1994 the company moved its headquarters in Duluth, and began designing his SR20, a single, piston airplane, with a composite structure.

SR20 performance
Takeoff distance 1478 ft 451 m
Distance of takeoff when crossing the 50 ft obstacle 2221 ft 677 m
Climb speed 828 ft / min 4,2 m / sec
Range of 627 km with reserves 1161 km
Stall speed with flaps 56 KCAS
Cruising speed (75% power) 155 KTAS
853 ft landing roll 260 m
Manufactured by Continental
Model IO-360-ES
Power 200 hp
Span 38 ft 4 in 11.68 m
Length 26 ft 7.92 m
Height 8ft 11 in 2.70 m
Cabin Width 49 in 124 cm
Car height 50 in 127 cm

Though the company has developed other aircrafts besides the SR20; this was the first model designed from head to tail by Cirrus. The next generation of aircraft designed was the best-seller SR22 which is a 4-seater aircraft with a more powerful engine and greater range. Ongoing upgrades to the propulsion (the introduction of Turbo) and air conditioning made the SR22 one of the most innovative airplane in its class.

SR20 and SR22 show the company’s involvement in making aviation more accessible, easy to operate and airplanes safer for those who are pilots and those who are not.

CAPSTM – ballistic parachute system is the abbreviation of (Cirrus Airframe Parachute Systems) and its essence is safety. Cirrus aircrafts are designed from the parachute to the rest of the plane. CAPS ballistic parachute has a 17m (55ft) span and has saved over 20 lives. It is hidden under the coat of the plane and its Kevlar belts are ready to support all the aircraft weight under parachute. CAPS is activated by the pilot or passengers by simply grabbing a handle. Once activated, the parachute becomes fully functional in a few seconds, and the aircraft and passengers can be safely brought down to the ground. Cirrus is the only manufacturer in the world that includes a ballistic parachute as standard equipment.

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