F22 Raptor

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In order to counter constantly emerging international threats, Air Force one has created the F22 Raptopr, a next-generation air fighter that is designed to achieve a first look after effectively penetrating the enemy’s airspace, having first kill capability against more than two targets. It is unlikely to be observed while being highly maneuverable due to its airframe. It possesses advanced integrated aircraft technology, being allowed supersonic cruising without after burning. Its stealth increases the survivability and lethality by not allowing the enemy to gain access to critical information required in order to attack the F22 Raptor.

The integrated avionics allow the pilots of F22 Raptor to be aware of enemy forces in a manner without precedent. The super cruise does not allow the enemy with the necessary time to counter attack; it gives the pilot the capability to move throughout the battle space effectively and rapidly while also maximizing the weapon efficiency.

F22 Raptor’s engine is probably going to be the only one allowing such a low consumption of fuel in return for such a high amount of power for an extended period of time. Same performance and efficiency is expected at slower speeds too. The F22 Raptor had passed a milestone in nineteen ninety-one. At the time, Air Force planned on purchasing 648 F22 operational aircraft’s for the expenses of more than eighty-six billion dollars.

After a complete review by DOD in nineteen ninety three, the quantity of F22 Raptor units was reduced to 442 for a cost of fifteen billion dollars less, seventy-one billion dollars. In nineteen ninety-six, a Joint Estimate Team was ordered to review the program cost of the F22 Raptor units and its schedule. The team concluded that the manufacturing and development of the aircraft’s would require more time and more funding in order to reduce risks before the model went into production. The extra costs were estimated to be around one and a half billion dollars. They also concluded that the costs could grow by up to thirteen billion dollars.

The program was later restructured, which allowed sourcing of F22 Raptor funds via deleting the three pre-production aircraft’s. Costs that had the potential to increase were contained as within the budget as a consequence of the initiatives formalized in the memorandum signed by both the government and the industry. The Defense Acquisition Board committee reviewed the restructured program and issued a memorandum on the 11th of February, 1997, approving the strategy.

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