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This was created to solve the problems of companies or businessmen. It is ideal for multinational companies with equity or backup solution for companies that already use private planes. The “Corporate Card” allows companies to purchase the exact hours they need, a minimum of 25 hours. Flight hours can be used over a 24 months period.


It is designed for individuals who can buy 25 hours of flight / year without any further obligation. This equates to 6 to 12 round trips around the continent, depending on the destination chosen.
You pay only for hours of flight + a fixed fee, the “taxi time”. You can fly anywhere, anytime and with whom you want, as long as you make a request 24-hour before you want to departure to allow for availability check. You can inter-change planes, depending on destination, list of passengers and aircraft availability. You can choose the type of aircraft that best suits the type of trip you want to do it, you can get your friends or relatives and have access to over 15 types of aircraft from a fleet of 650 aircraft.
This card is ideal for individuals whose annual requirements are less than 50 hours of flight, no other obligations; you are free to use how you want those 25 hours.


Innovative and flexible the concept of owner program, consisting in owning part of a plane definitely made a change in private air travel.
Instead of owning a whole aircraft, you can buy or rent a share of the aircraft equivalent to the hours you need. The company offers the possibility of owning a part of the plane by Owner Program. By doing so the concept of private jet flight was fundamentally transformed in the last 20 years.
Program Owner makes accessible private jet flight by reducing the initial significant capital required to purchase of an aircraft.
A buy-back contract offers a guarantee that your plane is a liquid asset, available anytime.
Maintenance costs are divided so the charges are being reduced and by owning a plane you get accounting benefits in most countries.

When you buy a share of the aircraft, practically you buy the whole plane in partnership with a number of other such owners. Although there are many partners who share the same plane, availability is guaranteed. You may not even fly in the plane that you bought, but whenever it is available we provide another plane comparable to the one you own it or even of a higher level, without an additional cost.

In addition to the fee you pay to become the owner, there are other associated costs: fixed monthly expenses (drivers, insurance) and variable costs (fuel, maintenance, ground costs). These costs are fixed for a period of five years. You can quit the program after at least two years, depending on the aircraft type. If you decide to quit early, your share will be redeemed at a reasonable price guaranteed in the market for 90 days.
At the end of five years, you have three options: (I) you can renew the contract, (II) you can sell your company share back, and buy another share, (III) you can sell your share to a different company or other persons at market value and exit the contract.

Fractional leasing a share is just as easy. Rent a plane, but instead of paying upfront costs related to the share purchased, you only pay the rental fee throughout the contract.


It is a program through which customers pay in advance for 25 + hours of flight, and they will benefit guaranteed of the availability of an aircraft, at fixed prices, full inclusive by just sending a notice 24 hours prior to travel.


Guaranteed availability of aircraft with just 24 hours before the travel;
Exclusively for payment. hours flown, plus taxi fee 12 minutes (6 minutes each direction);
Price transparency, without hidden fees (such as fuel tax, fees for night stop, peak days, headwinds, delays and airport taxes-even for high-density airports such as London City )
Guaranteed access to any category of aircraft with 24 notice without incurring any cost to upgrade (except for Global Jet);
Aircrafts are guaranteed to not be older than 10 years, and the average age of aircraft is 3.5 years;
The hours never expire and customers will not be tied to a minimum contract period;
Customers can renew cards by flight hours at any time at the same rates;
Customers have a dedicated Account Manager who will speak every time, to offer a highly personalized service;
For any return trip (if the average flight time is 2 hours per day) attracts a 15% discount

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