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Throughout history, people had to deal with times of war when fighting plans were the most important in ensuring various strategies and weapons to a country or another in order to win the combat. We can not say that a war is something that mankind would have wanted to happen between nations and countries, but in most cases, when a war took place, it was more like a last solution in solving some issues and problems that could not have been solved otherwise.

Basically, at least two countries get involved in a war and these countries have to dispute their fighting power and force on each other by using their armies, navy and fighter aircraft. If you want to learn more about a fighter aircraft that wrote history in aviation, then maybe you will like to find out more facts about the MiG 17.

The first thing you need to know regarding this fighter aircraft is that it was manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1952. This aircraft was built as an improved version of its previous supersonic model, which was the Mig-15. The first major role given to this fighter aircraft was against the USA, in the Vietnam War. Then, it proved to be a real air combat force against the aircraft the US had used. The advanced technologies and improvements the MiG 17 fighter got over the previous variant in its dimensions, weight, engine, flight endurance, air combat maneuvers, landing speeds, take-off and climb performance were the attributes that made of this fighter aircraft an utterly feared air force.

You should also know that this fighter has been used by over fifty countries over the time and it still is in the service of various countries of the world, today. From the initial launch of the MiG 17, there have been several variants built and put into the service of the Soviet Union and of other nations. But, a thing you need to know is that these aircraft, although they were reliable and had quality weapon systems, did not have built-in guns. These variants began to use the air-to-air missiles later on. However, the cannons they featured managed to destroy many enemy aircraft during air combat.

This fighter aircraft was built more like a response to Soviets’ need for high-speed and performance and also ease of maneuverability in a combat aircraft. If you want to find out more specifications regarding this aircraft speed and performance capabilities, you can search the Internet for further information.

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