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Although the wars mankind had to deal with were not desired and came more like an ultimate solution to solving problems between countries, the strategies, guns and weapons were very important in keeping the enemies away and efficiently lead ground or air combat. Unlike the ground combat, the one that was held in air space needed highly-trained pilots and powerful fighter aircraft that could make a difference in the fighting force required in defeating the enemy. You should know that the industry of aviation developed pretty well during wars, and it got an important role in building the combat aircrafts needed in wars. Every war-involved country had to provide their troops with efficient combat equipments and guns in order to protect their lives and easily destroy the opponent defensive or offensive lines. The combat aircraft have developed as well and they evolved from combat monoplanes to aircraft that featured air-to-air missiles but no pilot to fly them. If you want to find out more about a fighter aircraft that wrote the history of many nations, then maybe you will like to read on more information regarding MiG 19.

The first thing you need to know about this aircraft is that it is the successor of MiG 17. The manufacturer of this combat aircraft is Mikoyan- Gurevich, and you should know that this fighter is the first capable of supersonic speeds in the Soviet combat aircraft line.

The Soviets seemed to be more focused on the ease of construction, reliability and ease of maneuverability of the flying fighters they came up with. The MiG 19 is still a living proof for that. You should know that this aircraft was considered to be the best balanced fighter in its production line, combining great weapon systems, maneuverability and supersonic speed. This fighter has been intensely used, thanks to its advanced technologies and improvements in flight endurance and air combat maneuvers, in many combats and just to mention a few names we will enumerate the following: the Vietnam War, the Arab-Israeli war, the Iraq-Iran War, Indo-Pakistani War and others.

However, you need to know that these days the MiG 19 is no longer used in air combat, due to the fact other modern and high-technology aircraft have been produced and they are now considered fitted to be the front-line combat fighters.

If you want to find out more about the engine, weapon system, maneuverability and other technical specifications of this fighter aircraft, you can use the search engines in order to get more information.

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