MiG 28

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If you are currently searching the sites for various combat aircraft that wrote the history of many countries and nations during wars, then you have surely informed yourself about certain Soviet fighter aircraft that were designed to knock out every other type of combat aircraft. Among other manufacturers, the Soviet Mikoyan- Gurevich is world-wide renowned for the combat aircraft line he designed in order to respond the Soviet need for better performance and high-technology air fighters. As you might know, the fighter aircraft were built for fighting against other air fighters in air-to-air combat. They feature different technical characteristics than the bombers, and this mainly because they got their weapon systems adjusted according to their need to shoot directly on front targets. Unlike the fight that was held on ground, the one that took place in the air needed highly trained pilots and efficient and powerful combat aircraft that could destroy any possible threat coming from the enemy. You should find out that the Soviet fighter aircraft line comprises in its category the MiG 17 and the MiG 19, which were both balanced fighters, with good visibility out of their cockpits and other great specifications – that were sought in the combat aircraft of that time -, like excellent weapon systems and ease of maneuverability. However, if you want to find out more about the MiG 28, then you should read on this article in order to understand what this MiG is all about.

The first thing you need to know it that, unlike the above mentioned MiG aircraft, the MiG 28 is a fictional aircraft that you will find only on the screen of your TV or in certain online games. Indeed, this aircraft doesn’t actually exist, but this thing doesn’t mean that this prototype will not show up in the real world, one day. Better said, the innovations and high-performance various authors come up with in this MiG’s prototypes they design for their movies are likely to be taken as inspirational source in the production of future combat aircraft. However, you should know that even if the MiG 28 is an imagined fighter, it gets applauses with every new movie, computer or video game it features in. Its imaginary cockpits and weapon systems, as well as the impressive landing speeds, take-off and climb performance are definitely catching everyone’s attention in various famous movies that also feature certain celebrities people love like Tom Cruise, for example.

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