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Have you ever wondered what would mean taking up a MiG 35? If yes, here is what you should take into consideration when dealing with such a sensitive problem. What is known about this plane is that it looks very similar to his brother, MiG 29 whose building started after the making of F-16 and F-18. It is a NATO airplane, the next on the line of the ones mentioned above. Though, what MiG 35 has and others don’t is that instead of a dorsal air brake, it has rudders. Also, there are fewer points of load and a higher amount on kilograms, nowadays 6500.

Here are some of the weapons used by MiG 35: starting with its R-73E close combat AAMs, it has 80mm and 122 mm unguided rockets kits and Kh-29TE and other types of Kh-29 AGMs family. In addition, there are KAB-500 and KAB-1500 family guided bombs and other 100 – 500 kg bombs of different types used just in case of need. Its long range air-to-surface missiles of ‘Club’ family (3M-14AE, 3M-54AE1, 3M-54AE) have also included a Supersonic anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles of Kh-31 family and a Subsonic net-centric anti-ship Kh-31 ‘Uran’ missiles.

What you should also know is that MiG 35 is executed only by condition and also that it has a life of maximum 20 years. Though, it is needed at least one trip with this place per year, knowing that it costs $3000 a flight per hour. Also, being in the known of what price its eldest brother has (approximately $25.000.000), we can say by far this one is going to cost way more, as it has innovative new materials included. Now, the MiG 35 has a capacity of 2150 liters instead of 1520, as before.

The last but not the least from the whole list of advantages of the new MiG production is that it has bigger wings, from 11,36 meters to 11,99 meters. This helps the airplane to high easier than, as well as ii has an anti radar coating and a smokeless burner. What’s more about this innovation is that it will be easier for us to fly, and also it is a document that proves the fact that the humanity starts to develop more and more as years go on. It is now possible that in the next century to be developed the MiG-1020 or another innovation, which will become a revelation in our world.

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