February - 11 - 2012

In the year nineteen forty-five, in May, Yakoviev S. Aleksandr started working on the design of Yak18T, a two seat primary trainer. Its purpose was to be a substitute for Yakoviev’s UT-2 and Yak-5. It was designed in cooperation with the Soviet Air Forces and a voluntary society that wanted to collaborate with the army, navy and air force. Yak18T took its maiden flight in 1946 with a five cylinder radial engine with a retractable tail wheel landing gear. The  [ Read More ]

February - 6 - 2012

The top attack aircraft – T-50 to J-20 is a controversy topic, being almost impossible to pick the best fighter aircraft available seeing as there are a great number of high-end technology planes out there that can take out a target without even leaving any trace other than the remains of said target. Billions over billions of dollars-worth of technology is researched and developed every year by every powerful country in order to achieve the upper hand and be able  [ Read More ]

February - 2 - 2012

Forty years after its design specifications were issued, the C-130 Hercules was still in production. It was initially produced as the C-130A, having either four Allison T56-A-11 or 9 turboprops as engines. Two hundred and nineteen planes were ordered, deliveries beginning in December 1956. The first ones entered the service with Air Force in nineteen fifty-nine. Publicly introduced in nineteen sixty-two, the three hundred and eighty-nine ordered C-130 Hercules E’s used the same Allison T56 engine, the T56-A-7, but were  [ Read More ]

January - 31 - 2012

Apart from its opponents, the Polikarpov I-16 was never respected by anyone. It was designed and created by Nikola Nikolayevich Polikarpov and was a great advancement especially for the Russian Aviation Industry which was still rather infant. Although it may not have been the first to have a retractable landing gear, Polikarpov I-16 was one of the planes that survived even after the war. Specifically, it survived in Spain as late as the nineteen fifties. Ideas that his aircraft wasn’t  [ Read More ]

January - 20 - 2012

Boeing 777 is the largest twin-engine airplane in the world, with a capacity of 300 to 370 seats, being the first aircraft to ever be fully designed using three dimensional computer graphics. It spans the gap between its sister models, the 747 and 767. The new model started service with United Airlines back in 1995 with an innovating new cabin design, new fuselage section and never before seen wing models. The new model, Boeing 777, was initially conceived as a  [ Read More ]

December - 28 - 2011

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is regarded the most important heavy bomber the American Allies had during the Second World War. It dropped over six hundred and forty thousand tons of bombs, being responsible for over two hundred and ninety thousand sorties. As per the requirement of the United States, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber with four engines, ready for long-haul traveling with a maximum of two thousand lb quantity of explosives, reaching speeds of two hundred and two  [ Read More ]

December - 28 - 2011

Airbus A330-200 has a shorter-fuselage than its sisters in Airbus’ double engine wide-body family, being versatile in covering all ranges from short-haul to truly long-haul distances, having an ideal sizing for operations from point to point. It has an optimized two hundred and twenty-two inch fuselage cross-section, shared by two of Airbus’ other models, A330 and A340, which has a capacity of 253 passengers in two sections providing more window and aisle seats in cabins that are much more quiet.  [ Read More ]

December - 22 - 2011

Being called for a long time “the future large aircraft”, the transporter, Airbus A400M, was designed to meet the military needs of the Italian, Belgian, French, German, Spanish, Turkish and English forces. In 1993, a European staff target was created along with a memorandum of understanding which was signed by all the governments of the seven countries. Later after signing, Italy retired from the programmer. In May 2003, Airbus A400M was ordered by the European procurements agencies of each of  [ Read More ]

December - 21 - 2011

Using nothing else but the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Major Richard I. Bong and Thomas B. McGuire won forty and thirty-eight battles respectively, making the Pacific the most successful war theater for the Lockheed P-38 Lightning. It was also the only type of plane capable of carrying out eight hundred mile long courses, the one needed to shoot down Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto on April eighteen, nineteen forty-three. Being less maneuverable than the Japanese fighters, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning used a diving  [ Read More ]

December - 14 - 2011

One of the most appreciated planes in the second World War, in spite of the fact that it was almost never able to take on its counterparts amongst the enemy’s ranks. The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk is a derivation of P-36 designed by a veteran, Don Berlin, in nineteen thirty-four as a means for Curtiss Co. to regain the first rank amongst the United States manufacturers of fighter aircraft’s. Although it got off to a bad start, it was ordered in  [ Read More ]

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