December - 13 - 2011

In order to counter constantly emerging international threats, Air Force one has created the F22 Raptopr, a next-generation air fighter that is designed to achieve a first look after effectively penetrating the enemy’s airspace, having first kill capability against more than two targets. It is unlikely to be observed while being highly maneuverable due to its airframe. It possesses advanced integrated aircraft technology, being allowed supersonic cruising without after burning. Its stealth increases the survivability and lethality by not allowing  [ Read More ]

November - 3 - 2011

In a shy day of spring, Aurel Vlaicu son of Dumitru and Anna from the Bintinti village, near the Orastie town in the Hunedoara County, had finaly reached Munich, expecting to register at the prestigious Polytechnic University. And so the dream of a brilliant young man was beginning to write Roman history in the Aeronautics science. Unfortunately, insufficiently known to generations of today, Aurel Vlaicu didn’t hesitate to pay with his own young life and the right to make his  [ Read More ]

October - 25 - 2011

The Cirrus Design Company is the designer and manufacturer of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft and best-selling SR22 model. The Alan and Dale Klapmeier brothers founded Cirrus Design Corporation in 1984, wanting to become a market leader in general aviation industry by revitalizing the creation of excellent quality aircraft, with advanced technology, of all levels. As experienced pilots themselves, the Klapmeier brothers understood that we need to find new technologies to develop safety in airplane design industry. They agreed not to  [ Read More ]

October - 21 - 2011

CORPORATE CARD This was created to solve the problems of companies or businessmen. It is ideal for multinational companies with equity or backup solution for companies that already use private planes. The “Corporate Card” allows companies to purchase the exact hours they need, a minimum of 25 hours. Flight hours can be used over a 24 months period. PRIVATE JET CARD It is designed for individuals who can buy 25 hours of flight / year without any further obligation. This  [ Read More ]

October - 17 - 2011

One of the most impressive aircraft made by mankind is undoubtedly Concorde. A marvel of technology remained unbeatable and no chance to evolve into new models to assure a future for sure. Concorde was a technological success born of Franco-British cooperation but also proved to be an economic disaster that brings substantial losses. The plane was born from an agreement between France and Britain which provide for Aerospatiale (France) and BAC Concorde (UK) to produce a supersonic aircraft capable of  [ Read More ]

October - 14 - 2011

Almost from the beginning of aviation, aluminum led to the construction of aircraft. But aluminum era draws to a close, with the completion and delivery of the first large commercial aircraft built in the 50% composite materials such as plastics and carbon fiber. Boeing Dreamliner 787, is a project that had ended three years ago which a cost of $ 32 billion, is finally ready for takeoff. The new plane has a range of 10,000 miles (about 16,000 km), a  [ Read More ]

October - 11 - 2011

The first flight of the Yak 52 was realized in 1976, and since then the factory kept building them till today where it is still built in Bacau, Romania, by Aerostar. It was originally designed as a primary training plane for students who would later transit to the Mig 22 jet aircraft. This airplane is capable of aerobatics being able to outstand (+7g / -5 g). Now the Yak-52 is often seen in the hands of sports enthusiasts flying from  [ Read More ]

October - 9 - 2011

Only twelve passenger planes around the world can be boasted of zero accidents which haven’t caused the death of any of those on board. Four planes are of European origin in these top five are Russian or former Soviet, only two are produced American and one is of Canadian provenance. There are many statistics and much controversy regarding the safest passenger aircraft in the world. If we however consider a single criteria, the one according to which the plane has  [ Read More ]

October - 4 - 2011

The largest and heaviest passenger plane is an Airbus A380. The plane has two floors dedicated to passengers, which stretches trough the entire length of the fuselage. Divided into three classes, starting with the A380 has 555 seats and can go over 800 seats for charters. The plane is equipped with an advanced fuel use system. Because its wings bend after take-off, the fuel is kept at high pressure in other tanks of the aircraft. As the plane reaches the  [ Read More ]

October - 3 - 2011

The aerodyne energy is supplied by an engine or more engines either classic or jet and is supported in the air by aerodynamic reactions on surfaces which remain fixed during the same flight regime. The airplanes have a wide range of wing construction, this can be: right wing (monoplane, biplane, tri-plane), delta wing (triangular), trapezoidal wing, arrow wing, or with a variable geometry. In addition to classic airplanes some came off the takeoff and land vertically. Airplanes can be also  [ Read More ]

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