The safest passenger aircrafts in the world

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Only twelve passenger planes around the world can be boasted of zero accidents which haven’t caused the death of any of those on board.

Four planes are of European origin in these top five are Russian or former Soviet, only two are produced American and one is of Canadian provenance.

There are many statistics and much controversy regarding the safest passenger aircraft in the world. If we however consider a single criteria, the one according to which the plane has not been involved in any accident that have killed any of the passengers or crew members, then only twelve types of aircraft can enter the top.

Surprisingly, the U.S. doesn’t dominate the top, but the European and Russian (or ex-Soviet Federation) dose. Given that all these planes can be proud of zero passengers loss in air accidents, I ordered them in a hierarchy by the criteria of number of aircraft produced. Were we have taken into account only planes with a capacity of at least 50 people that have been operated, at least one year, on a passenger schedule.

Such a ranking based on, zero casualties as the single criteria looks like this:

1. Boeing B777 – long haul aircraft, high capacity (between 301 and 550 passengers), in operation since 1994 and produced until now in not less than 923 copies. Many aviation experts say it deserves the title of the safest ever manufactured passenger aircraft.

2. Bombardier CRJ700/900/1000 – warrior despite its name, is a medium capacity aircraft, short haul, produced in Canada since 2001. It can carry between 66 and 104 passengers. So far, 584 such devices have been delivered.

3. Airbus A340 – also a high capacity airplane, used since 1993 and still in production, numbers 375 copies.

4. Boeing B717 – medium haul aircraft produced between 1999 and 2006 in 156 copies, capable of carrying between 100 and 117 passengers.

5. Ilyusin IL86 – medium haul high-capacity aircraft produced in the former USSR (including cooperation with Poland) between 1977 and 1992. There were a total of 106 IL86 machines delivered. Most are now in service. Interesting to note, this aircraft has established in his time, not less than 18 world records. Even more interesting, 12 of which have not yet been overcome.

6. Airbus A318 – Airbus youngest range is a medium-haul aircraft that can carry between 107 and 132 passengers. Produced from 2003 to present in 74 copies, four of them are in the Tarom fleet and operate on a daily international scheduled.

7. Tupolev TU204/214 – medium capacity aircraft, in operation since 1994. Still in production, in 70 copies and counting. Other 100 204 airplanes were ordered by airlines Russian, South American and Asian.

8. Airbus A380 – the biggest airliner in the world can carry between 550 and 843 passengers. It is inn service since 2007, and numbers 69 copies.

9. SAAB 2000 – Swedish plane, only the top propeller absolute safety, no longer produced since 1999. It is the fastest passenger plane with propellers in the world. In total, 64 aircraft were produced. Currently, the largest company operator of SAAB 2000 is Carpatair Timisoara Romanian-Moldovan, 12 such planes are in its fleet.

10. Ilyusin IL96 – long haul high capacity aircraft, can carry up to 486 passengers. It is in service since 1993 and still produced, only 28 copies were made, most are operated by the Russian company Aeroflot. Another 10 machines were ordered and are in the stage of execution. One such plane is currently used by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, for foreign travel.

11. Sukhoi SuperJet SU100 – regional aircraft of medium capacity can carry between 68 and 103 passengers. It is made by the famous producer of military aircraft from Russia since 2007. So far, ten such planes are operating, but no less than 219 SU 100 devices have already been ordered. Six of them, ironically, by an American company.

12. Tupolev TU334 – medium haul aircraft, medium capacity, produced in Russia in only two copies, in 1999. TU334 project was abandoned, but two planes made 12 years fly by, operated by Russian Aviation Company, to be registered without the slightest incident.

Of course, there are many observations made on this safety top. It can be said that Boeing B777 is much safer than other planes of the top, thanks to the higher number of machines in operation. However, zero remains zero, regardless of how it is multiplied.

On the other hand, is definitely the more impressive former Soviet and Russian aircraft that should be better, considering the harsh operating conditions as well as sometimes rough maintenance, they hand planes good there. Overall, you can travel peacefully with any of these planes. No one has yet died on board any of them, as a result of any plane crash.

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