Top attack aircraft – T-50 to J20

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The top attack aircraft – T-50 to J-20 is a controversy topic, being almost impossible to pick the best fighter aircraft available seeing as there are a great number of high-end technology planes out there that can take out a target without even leaving any trace other than the remains of said target.

Billions over billions of dollars-worth of technology is researched and developed every year by every powerful country in order to achieve the upper hand and be able to assure the enemy of the fact they’re no longer a threat and the allies that they’re in good hands.

The Indian top attack aircraft – T-50 made its maiden flight in January and two more prototype units’ construction processes are underway. The fifth generation of the Indian top attack aircraft will be able to make the skies quite soon after initial development and manufacturing started, thanks to the joint operations with Russia.

It is expected to meet the skies and enter in two thousand and sixteen. The Indian and Russian top attack aircraft – T-50 is the first major new warplane designed by Russia U.S.S.R. fell.

A number of United States F22’s had to be taken to ground seeing as a number of pilots experienced oxygen deficiency while in the cockpit. The entire Raptor fleet was grounded between May and September to allow further investigation into the matter.

Although they underwent various tests, the fault was not to be found. The dog fighter F22 Raptor that is primarily meant to engage in combat with enemy aircraft costs one hundred and fifty million dollars per plane. Air Force currently owns one hundred and sixty of these war machines and is looking to acquire twenty-seven more.

China is no worse than any of the three mentioned countries, having developed an outstanding stealth fighter: their top attack aircraft – J20. As India’s Asian rival, they have been busy manufacturing the J20 that will be equipped with radar evading stealth capabilities. Testing of the aircraft began in January 2011. The Chinese plane presents itself with: the capability of gaining access to off-board space; possession of ground and air-based sensors; highly reliable AESA radar; efficient airframe; reliable, sophisticated and precise weaponry; equipment meant for facilitating maintenance’s.

Due to the European economic crisis, the countries on the affected are looking towards withdrawing their investments with EADS and not buy as many aircraft’s as they originally intended to.

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