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The aerodyne energy is supplied by an engine or more engines either classic or jet and is supported in the air by aerodynamic reactions on surfaces which remain fixed during the same flight regime.

The airplanes have a wide range of wing construction, this can be: right wing (monoplane, biplane, tri-plane), delta wing (triangular), trapezoidal wing, arrow wing, or with a variable geometry. In addition to classic airplanes some came off the takeoff and land vertically. Airplanes can be also classified by: The purpose for which the airplanes were designed like: civil (utilities, transportation, sports, health and postal) or military. Postal planes are designed to carry express mail. Cargo planes are designed to carry heavy loads. Tanker aircraft are designed to carry liquids like in response to fire.

Aircrafts are specially equipped laboratories and collect data from the atmospheric layers. Towing aircraft gliders are designed to haul smaller planes. Some planes are designed to carry sanitary victims medical emergencies or parachuting qualified personnel with medical instruments, medicines and blood in inaccessible areas. Utility plane (or crop fertilizing plane) is used for treatment of agriculture crops and forestry. Transport aircrafts are used for transportation of passengers and goods. In terms of sporting regulations they are grouped in Class C: Land aircrafts, seaplanes and amphibious aircraft.

Ground planes are planes that can not take off and land on/from a fixed point and they are designed to carry on board at least 5 people. Amphibious aircrafts are specifically designed to be used both on water and on dry terrain; they are equipped both with dough and are able to use a landing gear or to land on water and belong to the subclass C3.There are also cosmic planes (semi cosmic, aero cosmic, aero space,) capable to evolve both in atmosphere and in outer space as being equipped with air-jet engines power plants and rockets capable of carrying personnel and research management tasks (navigation) or to launch satellites. Another aircraft classification can be divided after the manner of propulsion: piston engine jet, turboprop and rocket.

Military planes have special construction features that make them suitable for military use, the board properly is that they are equipped with weapons (bombs, grenades, incendiary substances, rockets, cannons and machine guns on board) and equipment necessary to carry out the fight and flight. The fighter airplane is designed to destroy enemy aircrafts in aerial combat. It is easy to use, high speed flight and armed with automatic guns, rocket etc. And can be used to intercept certain offending aircrafts. The fighter-bomber is designed to hit with fire bombs and weapons on board a land or sea small target.

Bomber aircraft is intended hitting land and sea targets with bombs and can carry heavy loads over long distances, being used as reconnaissance aircraft. Another aircraft is intended to destroy torpedoes, mines to enemy ships and submarines. Radar detection aircrafts are designed to detect air targets and give coordination to air combat. Research aircraft for aerial research is being equipped with photographic equipment, means of telephone and radar can be: strategic, operational, tactical, surveillance and alarm. Research aircrafts are used for research and correction of artillery fire.

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