Yak 18T

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In the year nineteen forty-five, in May, Yakoviev S. Aleksandr started working on the design of Yak18T, a two seat primary trainer. Its purpose was to be a substitute for Yakoviev’s UT-2 and Yak-5. It was designed in cooperation with the Soviet Air Forces and a voluntary society that wanted to collaborate with the army, navy and air force. Yak18T took its maiden flight in 1946 with a five cylinder radial engine with a retractable tail wheel landing gear. The engine‘s name was Shvetsov M-11.

The design was amazingly easy to build and maintain, being a development of the earlier UT-2 with several additions and improvements. The first one of the Yak18T units was primarily used for training purposes. Later versions included models with different upgrades for a variety of purposes, ranging from a simple increased horse power engine to one less seat, the aerobatic version. In the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies, the Yak18T models were the main attractions of the competitive world that was “International Aerobatics.”

Progressively, it received more upgrades in regard to its horse power, landing gear and replacement of old materials with new, modern ones. About eleven thousand Yak18T aircrafts have been created in 11 different factories in Kharkov, Saratov, Bacau, China and Arsenyev. Fifty five years later, its production continues in the form of a Yak18T with four seats the Yak-54 with two seats. The Yak18T became the standard trainer for Air Forces schools and DOSAAF. The Chinese began to produce the 18T as Nanchang CJ-5. Many of the Chinese copies were exported to a number of countries such as North Korea who used the planes as nuisance bombers. By the nineteen nineties, the Chinese had already improved their planes to Nanchang CJ-6, a propeller driver aircraft. A total of one hundred planes were produced up until the nineties by the North Koreans and were used by trainee pilots.

The last version of the Yak18T can carry two pilots and two passengers. It’s a big, aerobatic-ready, four-seat seat aircraft that can be spotted throughout the Eastern Bloc being flown by pilots that are either training, transporting, air-ambulance, photographing from the air, patrolling pipelines and much more. Its top speed is 160kts if the right conditions are met and it has a cruise speed of 125 to 130kts. While speed is not Yak18T’s strong suite, it compensates with the ability to go a good distance through unimproved fields.

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