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The first flight of the Yak 52 was realized in 1976, and since then the factory kept building them till today where it is still built in Bacau, Romania, by Aerostar. It was originally designed as a primary training plane for students who would later transit to the Mig 22 jet aircraft. This airplane is capable of aerobatics being able to outstand (+7g / -5 g). Now the Yak-52 is often seen in the hands of sports enthusiasts flying from the United States to New Zealand.

A descendant of the single-seat champion aerobatic Yak-50, but with a tricycle-geared undercarriage that makes it appear more like the earlier Yak-18, the two-seat, all-metal Yak-52 is powered by a 360hp radial engine, the Ivchenko M-14P, with an inverted fuel system that permits inverted flight for as long as two minutes, while drawing fuel from a 5-gallon reserve tank. The engine drives a two-bladed counter-clockwise rotating, variable-pitch, wooden propeller. Air lines to each cylinder, are used for starting the engine; these may easily be mistaken for a fuel injection arrangement.
A newer version of the aircraft, the Yak-52TW, features a tail wheel configuration and is powered by a 400-hp version of the M-14 engine.

360-400HP 9 cylinders radial engines are available.

3 blades MTV 9 propeller

Remarkable acrobatic qualities +7/-5g

High flight autonomy, up to 1200 km


Span: 9.90 m
Total length: 7.98 m
Total height: 2.70 m
Mass and load:
The mass of the empty, equipped plane: 980 kg
Maximum mass at take-off: 1320 kg
Admissible overloads: +7/-5 g

PERFORMANCES (at the maximum weight at take-off):

Max allowed speed ( VNE) = 450 km/h
Cruise speed at 1000m: 300km/h
Vertical speed at sea level : 10m/s
Take off roll distance: 140m
Landing distance: 270m
Range 1200km with 30 min fuel reserve

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