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Yakoviev Design Bureau is the creator of the Yak54 aerobatic aircraft fitted with two seats and is nowadays produced by Progress Aviation Co. The craft has won European aerobatic events and World aerobatic events as well. The manufacturer reveals that his creation’s purpose, the Yak54, was originally designed to train, to teach, to be flown by trainee pilots in looking to master the art of aerobatics, thus why the handling of the aircraft is forgiving to such an extent. Its fuselage and wings are made to withstand aerobatics going as extreme as 7 G’s and the large ratio of power to weight of its engine. Maintenance is simplified by the easily accessible major components. This fact makes the aircraft an ideal club plane, some saying the Yak54 costs range from fifty percent to forty percent lower than other plane costs in its class.

The Yak54 was first designed in the nineteen nineties. It is an improved two seat version of Yak55 which had its maiden flight in 1981. The 54 also has a newly implemented, landing gear that is more forward raked. It also has a propeller with three blades and larger tail surfaces. A Yak54 prototype was first flown in 1993 was and publicly introduced in 1994 at the Paris Air Show. Manufacturing the aircraft came to a stop in 1998, only one production aircraft being built, pending certification. There were some modification made to the aircraft in order to improve stability, aerodynamics and aerobatic performance. Seeing as the M-14 engine did not receive certification, further delays were ensued.

It is highly likely that the most famous Yak54 is the “Russian Thunder”, flown by the late Eric Beard. The aerobatic-based plane was purchased by a collector, Jim Bourke, who is known by many RC Plane fans as the creator of RC groups. After two years of not being flown or started up, Jim Bourke took under his wings the initiative of making his acquisition fly once again. It first flew in 1996 as a first production aircraft.

His Yak54 only needs a new power plant and a paint scheme. He plans on becoming thoroughly familiar to its capabilities, attempting to overcome the plane’s first performances through extensive practice. Nowadays, Yak54 planes are fully certified. There currently are five such wondrous inventions of Yakoviev Design Bureau under construction, and eight have already been produced and are proudly piloted in aerobatic contests by their owners.

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